BUET Thesis/Project Management

Thesis and Project Proposal System


  • How do I login?
    Ans. If you are a teacher or student, please use your BIIS username and password. Please contact support if you need access to BPGS/RAC module.

  • My data is not updated as in BIIS.
    Ans. Please update data using 'Synchronize' option in your profile.

  • How do I use equation in the proposal?
    Ans. Please try to use the symbols available with the editor. If insufficient, please insert the equation as an image.

  • [Student] My degree program is wrong in the system?
    Ans. Please select the correct degree program from 'Update Proposal' option.

  • [Student] What information can I update?
    Ans. You can update phone number, email address, present address and proposal information.

  • [Student] Some information are not editable; how to edit those?
    Ans. Non-editable data comes from BIIS. First make sure BIIS is updated and then update data using 'Synchronize' option in your profile.